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Techno Rescue is a veteran-owned company offering adaptable technology solutions focusing on I.T. Asset Disposition, Data Security, and Professional I.T. Services with an emphasis on community impact through environmental stewardship and employee health and safety. Techno Rescue rigorously complies with all relevant legal and voluntary standard requirements and follows industry best practices for the proper handling of used electronic equipment and components and end-of-life electronic waste.


Techno Rescue is certified by R2 (Responsible Recycling), OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001 certifications for Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction. Click on the logos below to view the certificate.

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Have a positive impact on the global ecology and economy by providing Full Life-Cycle Technology Solutions to individuals, companies, organizations and communities through our various services and responsible reuse and recycling practices.

We value integrity and consistently honor EPA and international guidelines for responsible recycling and disposal of e-Waste.

To provide our clients with the most ethical and secure technology solutions adapted to meet clients’ needs, maximize reuse of assets and minimize negative impacts on the environment and employee health and safety. The environmental, health, and safety performance of our activities, processes and employees is an important part of our company operations. Techno Rescue is built on integrity, diversity, and excellence and will continue to grow and build the company and its relationships on these values.

Techno Rescue’s IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), used electronic equipment and components and end-of-life electronic waste scope of activities consists of collecting, refurbishing, repurposing, recovery, remarketing, and recycling of waste electronic equipment, including secure data destruction. The environmental, health and safety performance of our activities, processes and employees is an important part of our company operations. Techno Rescue manages equipment based on a 3R hierarchy - reuse, recover, recycle. Our emphasis is on reuse, directing functioning or repairable electronic equipment and components to reuse. If the equipment is irreparable or end-of-life electronic waste, Techno Rescue uses material recovery processes. We are devoted to responsible recycling in both our onsite activities and our selection of downstream vendors. If Techno Rescue cannot perform the material recovery process onsite, equipment and materials are directed to properly-equipped downstream vendors that are proven to comply legally and ethically in their operations and handling of equipment.

Techno Rescue believes that our environmental, health and safety performance benefits our employees, clients, suppliers, visitors, and community. Identification and management of our potential environmental, health, and safety impacts are priorities. Our goal is to not just to comply with the minimum requirements, but to achieve continuous improvement in minimizing our environmental impacts and reducing risks to our employees. Our commitment is evidenced by our environmental, health, and safety aspects, targets, objectives, programs and operating procedures.

Our success will be achieved by:

  • Promotion of a strong environmental, health, and safety culture ensuring compliance with all levels of mandatory regulations and voluntary requirements.
  • Engagement in responsible handling of all equipment streams to ensure maximum reuse and recovery with minimal environmental, health and safety impact.
  • Awareness and ownership of duties with personal accountability for defined responsibilities for all persons working under the control of our organization.
  • Open communication throughout the company, and with any interested party, on environmental, health, and safety matters, including risks and performance.
  • Management of environmental, health, and safety aspects, risks and performance, using meaningful opportunities for continual improvement of performance.
  • Environmental, health, and safety training to educate and encourage employees to safely undertake work activities and ensure environmental impacts are managed.
  • Minimization of risk and incidents and prevention of injury and ill health.
  • Selection of downstream vendors, suppliers, and business partners with priorities in environmental responsibility and protection of employee health and safety.
  • Entire company overseeing compliance to the Environmental Health & Safety Management System.

Techno Rescue has committed to this environmental, health and safety policy. We will adhere to the above at all levels, functions, and locations of activity. Targets and objectives will be set by management in regularly scheduled management review meetings and communicated to employees. Targets and objectives will be measured and tracked on a regular basis, and revised as needed. Annual internal audits and external third party audits will be performed to assess conformance to our EHS Management System.

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