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Safe Electronic Recycling

Techno Rescue is a certified authority in electronics recycling in Denver, CO, offering a secure and environmentally-conscious disposal service for a wide array of electronic devices. From personal gadgets to sophisticated IT equipment, we handle your electronic end-of-life cycle with meticulous care, ensuring data destruction is thorough and your electronics are recycled, refurbished, or repurposed responsibly. Join us in our commitment to a sustainable Denver by choosing our complete electronic waste solution.


Servers & Networking
Hard Drives

Consumer Electronics

Televisions & LCD’s
Cameras & Video Equipment
Home & Car Audio

Medical Equipment

Laboratory Equipment
Testing Equipment
Pheripheral Devices


Microwaves & Cables
DVD’s & Media
Printers & Copiers
Metal & Plastic

Industries we Service

Recycle The Techno Rescue Way !

We offer secure and certified recycling for all your outdated or unwanted electronic gear, ensuring safe e-waste disposal. Catering to everyone from individual residents to various organizations, businesses of all sizes, and government entities, we ensure that your electronic recycling needs are met with the utmost care and professionalism. Our unique Business Accounts may also benefit from a Rebate Program, turning your electronic waste into an opportunity for financial return.

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