Full Life-Cycle Technology Services

Techno Rescue is a Veteran-Owned, Full Life-Cycle Green IT Company. We can service from womb to tomb, from start of life to end-of-life disposition of electronics. We are certified by R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction services. Other IT firms say they are a one stop shop, but none of them can offer certified electronics recycling like we do, which makes us a true Full-Life cycle, one stop shop for all your technology needs.

Our Services

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Offering patented technology, from the top CASB supplier in the industry, this cloud-scale security platform provides context-aware governance of all cloud usage in the enterprise in real time, whether accessed from the corporate network, remotely, or even from a mobile app or sync client. This means that security professionals can understand risky activities, protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents in a way that fits how people work today.

This is cloud-native, multi-mode Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Cloud Cybersecurity Active Platform that can be deployed 100% in the cloud, as an on-premises appliance, or via a hybrid configuration that includes both. Once you get access to your cloud tenant, cloud traffic is then steered for inspection using our patented all-mode traffic steering technology that provides several out-of-band and inline options ensuring that you get 100 % coverage for users on premises, mobile, and remote and whether they are using a browser, mobile app, desktop app or sync client to access sanctioned or unsanctioned cloud services. SSL-encrypted cloud traffic is safely decrypted using our cloud-scale architecture as part of the traffic steering process.

  • Flexible deployment options
    • Offering the industry’s only all-mode architecture that supports any use case. This starts with the option of being deployed 100 percent in the cloud, as an on-premises appliance, or via a hybrid configuration that includes both. When it comes to traffic steering, Netskope supports every possible out-of-band and inline mode, including forward and reverse proxy, secure TAP, API, and log-based discovery. These modes are often used in parallel to cover customers’ multiple use cases.

  • Context Engine
    • The Context Engine enables you to see real-time cloud activity details in context. By mapping out the API interactions of billions of transactions across tens of thousands of apps, the Context Engine has built the intelligence you need to go beyond wondering what byte movements represent. This allows you to understand risky behavior and take action to protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents immediately and thoroughly.

  • Cloud-Scale Architecture
    • Built its infrastructure and software architecture at cloud scale. Unlike traditional security solutions that are limited by the compute, storage and I/O that are available in a physical appliance, our cloud-scale platform has virtually infinite resources that can be applied to solve customer problems. The cloud-scale security platform enables you to implement our cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting user experience.

  • Technology integrations
    • Leverage your existing investment in technologies such as firewalls and proxies, on-premises DLP, SIEM, IAM, MDM, data classification, endpoint protection, sandboxing, and more to enable a comprehensive cloud security solution. Providing out-of-the-box integrations in addition to a REST API that enable custom and expanded integration capabilities.

Cloud & Content

Quickly and confidently move your organization to the cloud utilizing Techno Rescue’s Cloud Enablement offerings. Techno Rescue has established partnerships with industry-leading cloud providers and leverages our Enterprise Architecture team to assist clients in evaluating their environment and providing a migration path to a cloud platform based on customers’ requirements. Whether an organization is looking for a private, public, or hybrid cloud, Techno Rescue helps agencies realize the efficiencies of cloud technologies while remaining confident in the location and fidelity of their information.

We offer the following Cloud Services:

  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Cloud Connect Solutions
  • Microsoft 365
  • Global IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
  • Hosted Infrastructure
  • Back-up and Disaster Recover
  • IOT

Colocation Services

Whether you are growing to meet business needs, looking to optimize your space, or adjusting your data center strategy to meet market demands, our Colocation Services program provides you with the ability to match your data center requirements precisely with your evolving business needs.

Our program offers flexibility backed by the capability, reliability, commitment to customer service, and expertise of a global data center expert. We deliver data center options that are customized and can be modified as your business continues to evolve.

The services we offer for Colocation include:

  • Retail Colocation
  • Managed Colocation
  • Wholesale Colocation
  • Dedictated Colocation
  • Virtual Cololocation

Data Services

A good and healthy network is critical to keep your business interconnected and communicating. We understand that each network can vary among locations, regions or continents. The variety of data services and solutions we have access to helps you find the best technology to meet your needs for efficient bandwidth utilization, security and control, and service reach.

Whether you need a point-to-point or any-to-any solution, or public or private wide area network, we combine practical, innovative technology with one-on-one collaboration to help you get measurable results and stay competitive. With each and every service, we can build in the flexibility, security, and global reach you require — regardless of your company’s size or industry.

The services we offer for Data Include:

  • MPLS
  • VPLS
  • Internet
  • Private Line (Point to Point)
  • Global / Domestic Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Layer 2 NNI’s
  • SD-WAN

Data Protection Services

Techno Rescue’s Managed Data Protection Service combines industry leading Data Protection Software, off the shelf commodity hardware and our years of highly focused experience to deliver organizations a Full Featured, Enterprise Class data protection solution with exceptional value.

  • Backups and Restores monitored and completed by Highly Trained, Experienced and Certified Technicians.
  • Defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with financial penalties for failure.
  • The ability to utilize new features and capabilities more rapidly thus creating additional business value.
  • Provides ON-Premise private Cloud Backup with Option to utilize OFF-Prem Cloud (such as AWS or Microsoft. (on-prem/off-prem hybrid cloud capable).
  • Elimination of tech refresh cycles (flattened budget cycles).

Additional MDPS Highlights

  • Server Backups with local and datacenter restore capabilities.
  • Centralize all remotely backed up data to centralized Data Centers.
  • Self-service capabilities for ad hoc backups/restores.
  • 24/7 Monitoring (available).
  • Service Level Agreements – Defined/Tracked/Reportable.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities.
  • Maintain Best Practices.
  • Providing Data Visibility – Data Analytics.
  • Cloud Preparedness and Migration Strategies.
  • Seamless protection of Data Growth.
  • Unleashing Data Value for business purposes.
  • Full Disaster Recovery Capability (including DR in the Cloud).
  • Cloud Migration Strategy (across multiple Cloud Providers).
  • Chargeback Reporting
  • FIPS 140-2 Encryption
  • DOD Approved Erasure Capable
  • Ransomware Detection and Remediation Capabilities

Enterprise Services

Techno Rescue’s Enterprise Architecture team works with an organization’s IT professionals to proactively and holistically look at their current IT infrastructure, recommend solutions based on emerging technologies, and determine the best path to meet future mission objectives. Our professionals hold years of industry experience working in mission-critical environments and are highly trained in the leading technologies. This enables us to give educated, experienced, and unbiased architectural direction on a plan that meets each client’s unique needs.

  • IT Infrastructure (Cabling & Equipment)
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Cloud Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Center Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Identity Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Network Communications
  • Network Security
  • Virtualization

IT Asset Disposition

Our team of professionals keep up with industry trends and the latest and greatest of all technologies. With this knowledge, we can support you with all your IT needs and the growing data communication demands.

  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Certified Electronics Recycling
  • Secured Data Destruction
  • Data Center Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Remarketing

Managed Services

Businesses today must do more with less in today’s competitive environment, especially when it comes to finding skilled and qualified employees to managing and maintaining complex communications systems. Outsourcing these functions can upgrade your coverage from a single employee’s Monday – Friday 8-5 window, to a 24/7 coverage your business deserves.

Our Managed Services transfer day-to-day related management responsibility from your plate to ours as a strategic method to improve your operation’s efficiency and effectiveness. The services we offer for Managed Services include:

  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Hosted Antispam
  • License and Asset Management
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Managed Backup with Reporting (Hosted & Local)
  • Managed IP Compliance
  • Network Health Reviews
  • Patch Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Tiered Help Desk for End Users or Technical Staff
  • Managed Network services

Network Services

Techno Rescue will meet the needs of any business or organization, public or private sector, and ensures the right solution while soliving your entire telecom and infrastructure needs. We’ll do all the work (starting with a discovery of your entire infrastructure) or only where requested. Through our research and consultation, we will put together an entire plan to fulfill your voice and data communication needs. Everything we do includes consideration of any compliances you are under along with the security of your network.

The services we offer for optical networks include:

  • Dark Fiber
  • DWDM wavelengths
  • Managed Optical Networks
  • Architecture
  • Equipment Sourcing
  • Management

Voice Services

The services we offer for Voice include:

  • Pots Lines
  • Global VoIP
  • Global Hosted Service
  • PRI / T1 Local and LD
  • PBX
  • Sip Trunks
  • Origination / Termination
  • Wireless
    • Fiber to wireless towers
    • Cell Phone Bill Optimization
    • Business Mobility plans and global platforms
  • CDN
    • Global CDN Solutions
    • Static and Dynamic content distribution

IT Asset Disposition & Remarketing

Secure Data Destruction

With every computer that Techno Rescue recovers, data security is offered immediately. Options range from a low-cost data wipes, hard drive degaussing, media crushing or on-site hard drive shredding

Secure Data Wiping & Destruction
Guarantee That Data Will Be Destroyed
Physical Destruction Of Drives
Certificate Of Data Destruction

Data Center Decommissioning