IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Get a return on your retired IT Assets with our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Rebate or Profit Share Programs which include national services and NIST compliant secure hard drive destruction to protect your brand, sensitive data and client information. As the only IT Asset Disposition partner you will need, we will manage and coordinate all logistics for your company. We will arrive at your facility, provide full services and securely ship your equipment to one of the national processing facilities.

Repurpose your IT assets, minimize costs & maximize profits

While Techno Rescue attempts to refurbish as much technology as we can, at some point the equipment meets its end. It may not be cost effective to refurbish or upgrade, but it doesn’t mean there is no more value in the machine.

Depending on the electronics that you’re ready to dispose of, you could potentially receive cash from us to help towards the acquisition of your next purchase. Whether it’s a laptop from your home, server from your work, an entire network infrastructure or a data center that’s ready to be decommissioned. We can provide you with white glove service to safely remove the equipment, transport it to one of our facilities, secure the data through our data destruction service and safely process the equipment. READ MORE

Secure Destruction

With every computer, data security is offered immediately. Options range from off-site data wipes, hard drive degaussing and media crushing to on-site hard drive shredding, degaussing, sanitization and disintegration down to 2mm. We can destroy any quantity of hard drives, solid state drives, tapes, flash memory media storage devices (circuit boards, flash drives, PCMCIA cards, SD Cards, SIM cards), cell/smart phones, thumb drives and CD/DVDs with shredding, NSA approved degaussers, or NSA disintegrators (down to 2mm) in keeping with the NSA protocols, and sanitization.

On-site Data Destruction Program:

  • We offer mobile trucks that travel nationally with NSA approved equipment for your data security.
  • The entire process can be witnessed and/or videotaped. The media will never leave your sight until it is destroyed.
  • Locked security gates ensure additional protection and all of our trucks have GPS units permanently installed.
  • Trucks are self-generated so no additional power is required.
  • Additional services offered with destruction include removal, serial number inventory, certificate of destruction, and complete audit trail and chain of custody.
  • The data destruction process is routinely cleared for destruction of classified media and compliant with DSS inspections and requirements.

On-site options include:

  • Shred – truck shredders are four shaft shredders with interchangeable screens to control the particle size. They are equipped to shred any type of material down to 10mm (down to 2mm with advanced notification).
  • NSA degauss – capable of handling all magnetic media types regardless of the operating system or interface (tapes, hard drives, etc.).
  • NSA disintegrate – capable of down to 2 mm for Solid State Media and down to 5mm for DVD’s/CD’s.
  • Sanitization - uses equipment and software specifically designed and optimized for high-capacity storage platforms.
  • Combine processes – your choice of two or more of the above options.
  • Reporting – Following the data destruction service, the clients will receive a Certificate Of Destruction with a report listing the hard drives with serial numbers.

IT Asset Management (ITAM)

IT Asset Management is the process of making sure your organization has a complete life cycle management plan. ITAM is a part of the hardware and software process for a company to ensure there is a process for ending the use of all technologies, which includes detailed inventory of the entire process. We can help you with the process of transitioning all of your assets to the end of their lifecycle.

In order to make sure that your company is effectively managing all of your IT assets, we will help you create your plan to get rid of software and hardware that is no longer needed or wanted. Your organization will succeed in your ITAM program through the process that we can help you put into place to make sure you able to transition from one system to another.

IT Asset Remarketing (ITAR)

Remarketing IT Assets for maximum value generates revenue from ITAD and lowers the cost of acquiring new IT Assets with certified services to protect your brand. IT Asset Remarketing is a very important part of the data center decommissioning process because the proceeds of the equipment can be used to offset the service fees, including labor, data destruction, and inventory; and depending on the equipment, your company can receive a check versus an invoice if all expenses are offset by remarketing.

We will analyze your outdated IT equipment to assess Fair Market Value (FMV). We will decommission the hardware, destroy the data, refurbish the equipment and remarket it in an effort to reduce the impact on the environment while maximizing the return on your company’s investment.

Data Center Decommissioning

Techno Rescue’s national capabilities include support when data centers close, move or consolidate. Our data center decommissioning solutions are designed to help clients achieve compliance, mitigate risk, reduce waste and recover value on retired assets.

Techno Rescue’s full life-cycle services will help your company manage its data center projects, everything from deployment and installation of new equipment to decommissioning of your data center, including on-site or off-site secure data destruction, cable removal, inventory tracking and reporting, lease returns, data center relocation or migration.

Techno Rescue’s national capabilities include support when data centers close, move or consolidate. Our data center decommissioning solutions are designed to help clients achieve compliance, mitigate risk, reduce waste and recover value on retired assets.

Techno Rescue can be your Project Manager to successfully complete your goals. We will work with you to organize a plan, which will include minimal to no disruption to a live environment, depending on the requirements.

Secure Data Destruction

With every computer that Techno Rescue recovers, data security is offered immediately. Options range from a low-cost data wipes, hard drive degaussing, media crushing or on-site hard drive shredding.

Secure Data Wiping & Destruction
Guarantee That Data Will Be Destroyed
Physical Destruction Of Drives
Certificate Of Data Destruction

For more information on any of our IT asset disposition services, please contact us