Techno Rescue On-Site Data Desctruction Services

Techno Rescue is a Veteran-Owned, Full Life-Cycle, Green IT Company specializing in IT Asset Disposition, Electronics Recycling, Asset Management and Data Destruction.

Our Data Destruction service offers on-site destruction with removal, serial number inventory and certificate of destruction. The data destruction process is routinely cleared for destruction of classified media and compliant with DSS inspections and requirements.

We can destroy any quantity of hard drives, solid state drives, tapes, flash memory media storage devices (circuit boards, flash drives, PCMCIA cards, SD Cards, SIM cards), cell/smart phones, thumb drives and CD/DVDs with shredding, NSA approved degaussers, or NSA disintegrators (down to 2mm) in keeping with the NSA protocols.

On-site Data Destruction services include:

The entire destruction process can be witnessed and/or videotaped. The media will never leave your sight until it is completely destroyed. Locked security gates ensure additional protection and all of our trucks have GPS units permanently installed. Trucks are self-generated so no additional power is required.

All of the truck shredders are four shaft shredders with interchangeable screens to control the particle size – they are equipped to shred any type of material down to 10mm (we can accommodate 2mm requests with advanced notification).

Self-contained power sources allow the use of additional equipment like degaussers. We have multiple NSA approved degaussers which are capable of handling all magnetic media types regardless of the operating system or interface (tapes, hard drives, etc).

Offered disintegrators capable of down to 2 mm for Solid State Media and down to 5mm for DVD’s/CD’s.