With every piece of data bearing equipment, data security is offered immediately. Options range from off-site data wipes, hard drive degaussing and media crushing to on-site hard drive shredding, degaussing, sanitization, disintegration and incineration. We can destroy any quantity of:

Destruction Options

  • In Factory (off-site) – Destruction performed in our facility.
  • On-site – Destruction performed in your facility.
  • Witnessed – Destruction performed by our staff under the supervision and view of designated client representative(s).
  • Certified – Method of tracking destruction by receipt of Certificate of Destruction and inventory of serial numbers captured from hard drives or data bearing items.
  • Software Erasure – A method of Sanitization by applying software designed to renders target data recovery infeasible using state of the art laboratory techniques.
  • Degauss – To reduce the magnetic flux to virtual zero by applying a reverse magnetizing field.
  • Shred – A method of sanitizing media; the act of cutting or tearing into small particles.
  • Disintegrate – A physically Destructive method of sanitizing media; the act of separating into component parts.
  • Combined – A destruction plan utilizing two of more methods of destruction.
  • ITAR Weapon and Equipment Destruction.

On-site Data Destruction Program

  •  We offer mobile trucks that travel nationally for your data security.
  •  The entire process can be witnessed and/or videotaped. The media will never leave your sight until it is destroyed.
  •  Locked security gates ensure additional protection and all of our trucks have GPS units permanently installed.
  •  Trucks are self-generated so no additional power is required.
  •  Additional services offered with destruction include removal, serial number inventory, certificate of destruction, and complete audit trail and chain of custody.
  •  The data destruction process is routinely cleared for destruction of classified media and compliant with DSS inspections and requirements.

On-Site Options Include

  •  Shred – truck shredders are four shaft shredders with interchangeable screens to control the particle size. They are equipped to shred any type of material down to 10mm (down to 2mm with advanced notification).
  •  Degauss – capable of handling all magnetic media types regardless of the operating system or interface (tapes, hard drives, etc.).
  •  Sanitization - uses equipment and software specifically designed and optimized for high-capacity storage platforms.
  •  Combine processes – your choice of two or more of the above options.
  •  Reporting – Following the data destruction service, the clients will receive a Certificate Of Destruction with a report listing the hard drives with serial numbers.


If you want to ensure that your equipment is properly destroyed, Techno Rescue offers many certified processes to choose from, including hard drive shredding. Data breaches are all too common, and they can really put businesses and individuals at high-risk. Shredding hard drives is an option that removes this threat, and allows people to trust that their equipment can no longer be an option for a costly data breach.

Our shredding and shearing services include several types of products and materials, to include (but not limited to):

  •  Hard Drives
  •  SSDs
  •  Magnetic Media
  •  Optical Media
  •  Boards
  •  Thumb Drives
  •  Cell Phones/PDAs/Tablets
  •  ITAR Conformance
  •  Demilitarization
  •  Prototype Destruction
  •  Product Destruction
  •  Destruction of Returned Products
  •  High-Security Devices
  •  Weapons
  •  Ballistic Vests
  •  Bomb Suites
  •  Production Samples
  •  Customer Returns
  •  Electronic Equipment & Specialty Devices


If your business collects a variety of data, you may be rightly concerned about what happens to that data when you stop using the IT equipment that stores it. While you may assume that the data was deleted or rendered useless, you can never be too careful. That is why it is so important to have your equipment undergo the degaussing process. Techno Rescue’s degaussing services destroys 100% of the data on hard disk drives and all magnetic media. Techno Rescue has degaussers that are on the NSA Evaluated Product List (EPL). Never again will you have to wonder if your data is truly protected. You deserve the peace of mind that this service offers!

Weapon & Equipment Destruction

There are specific equipment and weapons that require proper destruction for safety, protocol and regulatory reasons. We know that our clients have very particular needs when it comes to destroying certain materials, and we want you to know that we have the equipment and capability to properly destroy and recycle those products for you. If you have questions about your weapons or other equipment, we are here to help!

ITAR Weapon & Equipment Destruction Services

This particular service is offered to provide destruction of a wide variety of equipment, devices, weapons and other controlled material so they no longer can be used for their original intended use. Essentially, the material is destroyed to the point it may no longer be used for anything other than recycling.

Proper Weapon & Equipment Destruction

Many companies that use classified and secure material benefit from proper weapon and equipment destruction. Agencies such as the Secret Service and Homeland Security rely on such services so that their unique materials can’t get into the hands of the general public and pose a safety threat.

Additionally, many of these products contain materials that may be harmful to society. In addition to destruction services, we also provide recycling services so that these items do not end up improperly tossed into the landfill.

Destruction Gurantee

We stand by our guarantee that your equipment will be appropriately destroyed. You can rest easy knowing that we have provided the same excellent service to countless satisfied clients including NSA, Department of State, various law enforcement agencies and many DOD contractors. We are more than happy to walk you through the process so you understand precisely what happens to your equipment from the moment that we get involved.

Materials are destroyed using a variety of techniques, including shredding, shearing, and incineration. Once we are done with it, it will no longer serve a useful purpose. In many cases, it will not even be recognizable. Additionally, we provide a Certificate of Destruction for any auditing purposes so that you can show proof of proper disposal.

Contact us to discuss how we can destroy your ITAR controlled devices and equipment.