Understanding Colorado’s Right to Repair Laws: Empowering Consumers and Promoting Sustainability

As a Colorado based IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company we have closely watched the development of the Right to repair laws that have been slowly introduced across the country.   This has been a fundamental principle of Techno Rescue since it was founded and we have used our technical expertise to bring equipment that is surplus to requirements or no longer working back to life using our skilled and dedicated technicians, providing a secondary market to this equipment.   Often equipment appears to be designed with built in obsolescence, batteries that no longer hold a charge, processors that can no longer handle or power supplies that simply die – if any of these sound familiar, come and see us in Aurora at our showroom and our friendly staff will be happy to help find a solution.  

Colorado Right to Repair Law

Colorado has made headlines with its Right to Repair legislation by passing three laws since 2022, focusing on powered wheelchairs, agricultural equipment, and digital electronic equipment. 

  • The first, from January 2023, secures the right of powered wheelchair users to access necessary parts, tools, and information for repairs. This helped improve the quality of life for mobility-disabled individuals by reducing the wait times and repair cost.
  • The second passed in April 2023, effective January 2025, for the agricultural sector.  This law provides farmers the right to repair their farm equipment, addressing issues related to proprietary barriers imposed by manufacturers. This legislation supported farmers who were facing expensive and long delays in repairing machinery during critical agricultural periods.
  • The third, which was signed into law by Colorado Governor Jared Polis in May 2024, effective in January 2026, is focused on digital electronic equipment, and this is the law I will focus on with this blog.

House Bill 24-1121: Digital Electronic Equipment Right to Repair law

The electronic equipment Right to Repair law covers a wide variety of electronics, including laptops, smart phones, enterprise equipment like servers in data centers, and other gadgets, excluding game consoles (due to lobbying from game console manufacturers over piracy concerns), medical devices, ATVs, and motor vehicles.

For too long, consumers have had high repair cost and limited options, often being forced to use manufacturer-authorized services. This new law provides users with more options for repair services and lowering cost for electronic device repairs, while promoting sustainability to reduce electronic waste and promote a more competitive repair market. The law also allows consumers more resources to repair their own digital electronic devices, not only for repair service centers. 

The law requires manufacturers to provide:

  1. Documentation: Comprehensive instructions for routine care, troubleshooting issues, and repairing your device’s components
  2. Parts: Essential components available to fix any parts prone to wear or damage.
  3. Tools: Specialized tools to perform maintenance, diagnostics, and repairs.

The law requires repair shops to provide:

  1. Disclosure of Authorization Status: Repair shops must clearly disclose, in writing, if they are not authorized by the device manufacturer to perform repairs.
  2. Part Type Notification: Customers must be informed in writing whether the parts used for repairs are used, refurbished, or aftermarket.

Colorado’s new law bans parts pairing for devices manufactured on or after July 1st, 2021. If manufacturers fail to supply necessary repair resources like documentation, parts, or tools to device owners or independent technicians, they may be in violation of the Right to Repair law. Additionally, manufacturers could be infringing upon the law if the provided resources come with unreasonable conditions, such as excessive costs or unreasonable delays.

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