Comprehensive Data Destruction Services

Data Destruction Services

At Techno Rescue, we specialize in secure, efficient data destruction for a wide range of digital media. Our services ensure your sensitive information is irretrievably destroyed, giving you peace of mind. Whether you need on-site destruction at your premises or prefer to send your devices to us, we have you covered. Our methods, including shredding, degaussing, and sanitization, meet the highest standards of security, and we provide a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Trust us to protect your privacy and security with our professional data destruction services.

Types of Data:

Our team at Techno Rescue is able to destroy data on a wide array of devices, such as:

Hard Drives

Solid State Drives


Flash Memory

Cell/Smart Phones


Data Destruction Options

If you have data that you need securely destroyed, our data destruction company provides several options. One of our most popular services is on-site data destruction that occurs in your business or data-center.

Mobile On-Site Data Destruction

During an on-site destruction, there are many ways our team can dispose of your data. Our methods include:

After your absolute data destruction is complete, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction with a report that includes the hard drives and their serial numbers.

Mobile Shredding On Your Premises


Our shredders can shred any type of hard drive disk (HHDs), solid state drives (SSDs) & optical media (CD/DVDs).


Degaussers are capable of handling all magnetic media types regardless of the operating system or interface (tapes, hard drives, etc.).


Following an onsite sanitization engagement, clients will receive a certificate of destruction and a report listing hard drives with serial numbers that were successfully sanitized.

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