What is ITAD and what it means to me

ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition it covers a wide variety of activities around the collection and proper handling of IT equipment that is no longer needed or required.

For myself I have been involved in the ITAD world for over 2 decades now. In the early days of my exposure to the industry there were no certifications, there were no rules around the collection of material and what you did with it afterwards. There was a lot of money to be made as the primary goal of the end users was to get rid of the material, very few people knew what the potential equipment was valued at. There were of course some large end user clients that had significant value remaining on their books for the equipment and therefore a bidding process was usually adopted.

Fast forward to 2008 and the 60 minutes show 


For me this drew a spotlight on what was happening, but in a good way. It seemed that everyone had seen the show and was taking notice. Companies, individuals and even government agencies wanted to know how their equipment was handled. Further to the airing of the show, the focus and attention was drawn to the exposure of data breaches, where your laptop of server hard drive containing social security, bank, health records or just pictures of your dog.  

The industry needed to respond and show that there were differentiators between the ‘guy with a truck’ and those that understood the right way of handling IT Asset Disposition.

As a responsible and ethical company, we knew we had been doing everything correctly so could proudly state this to the world, most easily we chose to adopt the most recognized of standards, R2  which was developed by SERI –


and for data protection NAID =


Techno Rescue is a proud holder of both of these, we understand the needs of our customers and can be relied upon to ethically process you material.

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